Thanksgiving Pies

With a packed holiday season, we sometimes don't have time to whip up homemade holiday pies. Pick up some of our pies or frozen pie dough for your holiday table. 

We offer 5 flavors:

*Apple Caramel Crumb Pie with Standard Crust - Fresh apples drenched in our house caramel sauce topped with our cardamom crumb. 

*Citrus Chess Pie with Standard Crust - A tart yet sweet citrus custard in our standard crust.

*Bourbon Pumpkin Pie with Standard Crust - We roast and process our squash by hand, seasoning with our fall spice blend and a sprinkle of sea salt. Our creamy pumpkin pie wouldn't be complete without a dash of Arizona Distilling Company bourbon. 'Tis the season. 

*Pecan Pie with Standard Crust - Is there anything better than gooey pecan pie? Using Arizona pecans, we highly suggest dishing up this favorite at your Thanksgiving table. 

*Pistol Whipped Pastry Signature S'mores Pie -A PWP favorite! Our housemade graham crackers are ground up and mixed with some brown butter to form the crust. Our whipped chocolate bourbon ganache fills the pie, which is then topped with house made marshmallow creme and toasted golden. The perfect finish to a meal. 

*Frozen Pie Dough - Enough pie dough for a top and bottom crust, or two bottom crusts. 

Pies are approximately 10 inches and serves 8-10 people. 

Pies will be available for pick-up at our pastry kitchen on Wednesday, November 25, 2015, from 9am-3pm.

We will close pie orders on Sunday, November 22, at 10pm. No exceptions! We apologize that we can't keep pie orders open up to the day, but we have to have time to prep and bake. 

Pistol Whipped Pastry Kitchen, 4016 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85142, 623-910-6967, Pick up from 9am-3pm



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